The Founder and His Shirt

As customary with any space endeavor, a mission patch is created. Although we have not embarked on a space-faring mission yet I felt it was appropriate to mark the beginning of Hyperion Orbital.

The thought alone to create a company and open source project around the emerging and rapidly developing industry of small satellites is almost unfathomable in its own right and thus deserves credit.

I have created a Hyperion Orbital logo T-shirt as a mark of the beginning and to symbolize what is to come.

The Hyperion Orbital moon-o-chrome logo shirt is a mildly amusing play on words as the logo is monochrome and aspirations of returning to the moon bring excitement to many around the world.

As you can see I am absolutely over the moon about the logo shirt and the ultra soft tri-blend fabric. Try one on for yourself here.

Obviously, there is a small profit margin built into each shirt and every dollar counts when you are developing spacecraft on a budget. If you are interested in supporting Hyperion Orbital and like our open source content than purchasing a shirt can be a way to help in an outrageously stylish way.

I just wanted to write a quick post to shamelessly plug this shirt. If you are not interested in the shirt you won’t hurt my feelings.


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