1-3U CubeSat Vertical/Horizontal Fixture


  • 3 Configurations for vertical and horizontal holding of 1 to 3+U CubeSats

  • Securely holds satellite for assembly and integration of components

  • Precision manufactured from durable polycarbonate

  • 2 countersunk bolt locations to secure the fixture to a table or bench

  • Prevents mechanical and electrical damage to sensitive satellite components

  • Clearance for testing deployable panels and antenna

  • Compatible with current CubeSat Standards

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Our ground support equipment is designed and manufactured in house to current CubeSat standards. The 1-3U CubeSat Vertical/Horizontal Fixture creates a stable, safe, and user-friendly work environment to protect the satellite from damage while allowing easy installation and testing of spacecraft subsystems.
NOTE: All of our GSE is customizable to your needs upon request. Please contact us for more details.