Open Source Project

Hyperion Orbital will soon become an open source project. It has been my dream for many years to reach for the stars because the sky is not the limit.

From childhood and later as an aerospace technician I was always captivated by space and a propensity to explore. I began building satellites several years ago after learning about the pico class of small satellites. Even with experience in the aerospace industry one can not embarke on such a journy alone.

I have decided to start an open source project for a number of reasons. I feel that when a number of brilliant people from all backgrounds come together to achieve a common goal the extraordinary dreams of science fiction can become commonplace.

Together we will share ideas and technology in a common space. Make difficult to source hardware more available and write the future of small satellite space flight.

Stay connected with Hyperion Orbital on social media through the links at the bottom of the page to get the latest updates on our open source projects. Also, take a look at our resources for developers.

I look forward to calaborating with you in the future,


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